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Have got your wedding date and destination fixed? Want to plan for the photography next? You can try switching to the new trend of wedding photography – Candid wedding photography or videography. No more being embarrassed from a funny photo of yours of a beautiful wedding. Get an candid photography expert to click some captivating images.
Indian weddings are well known for their extravagant celebrations, elaborate customs, rituals and colorful ceremonies since ages. Nowadays, big fat Indian destination weddings have caught the eyes of filmmakers and top rated magazines too. You can also get your flawless candid makeover and moments on your wedding day captured by our professionals.
The age of traditional form of wedding photography has long gone and this is the new trend now. Do you also want your own big fat destination wedding celebration to get featured on top magazines? Then this is the best stop for you. You should definitely go through this article if you want to know more about candid wedding photography.

What do you mean by Candid Wedding Photography?

Candid Photography for wedding opposed to the traditional wedding photo sessions has currently emerged as a trend. A candid wedding photographer is the one who is always ready on his mark to capture candid and spontaneous pictures without directing the bride or groom to give

better poses. Our photographers are experts in candid wedding photography.

What does a candid photo mean?
For your convenience let us explain what a candid photo mean in spler terms to you. Wedding photography candid shots means a spontaneously shot photo series without letting the in-frame persons know they are being captured. The
word ‘candid’ essentially directs towards a kind of uncensored photoshoot where poses are not intentionally showcased in front of a camera.

How is candid photography different from usual or regular photography?

You must know the difference between a usual photography and a candid photography. Candid photography trend is totally opposed to the idea of traditional or normal photography. Wedding candid photographers bring out your rawest and natural emotions, expressions, and feelings which are not possible to express while intentionally giving poses as in the case of a normal photoshoot. Candid photographs are taken without prior preparation and mostly without the
knowledge of the subject or distracting them when they are doing their regular activities.

What is Wedding Photojournalism?
Wedding photojournalists are thus professional photographers who are experienced in shooting entire wedding events like pre-wedding shoot, sangeet, haldi, baraat, engagement, mehendi, getting-ready, bridal makeup, varmala, phera, vidaai, reception, and even post-wedding shoots. The profession that involves the shooting of candid photography or videography of wedding events by professionals is said to be as wedding photojournalism. So if you are planning to book
photographers for your big day, this can be the best option for you. It is always preferable to capture candid moments and real activities of the people involved in a wedding than just clicking fake posed pictures.

What are the latest trends in Candid Wedding Photography?
So here’s the interesting part you were looking for all this time. Do you want to add spices to your candid photography wedding shoots and want some inspiration how instagrammers or filmmakers do so? Here’s a list of trending and exciting tips to include in your photo shoots. Candid Wedding photoshoots have picked up innovative trends as it continuing to get popular with every year passing by. These trends are as simple as the ones involved in a traditional wedding photo shoot but in a more candid way such as pre-wedding shoots, destination elopement, drone videography and photography, wedding teasers and much more. Most couples like to have elaborate photoshoot sessions before marriage and even invest separately in gowns, makeup and some fly overseas with the aim of sophisticated fashion shoots. Possibly, candid wedding photography could be an explanation for why searches for ‘destination elopement’ have flooded the web over the years. So this could be a great way of framing one of the biggest events of you and your partner’s life.
Also, many candid wedding photographers use mirrorless cameras to avoid drawing the attention of the subject when taking clicks in silence. Many ceremonies often even forbid guests to use less phones and cameras and get involved in the day so that you get picture perfect scenes framed in your wedding day. The most popular of the trends remains to be drone videography. Drone videography is being spotted in the recent trends especially at destination weddings. Father-daughter photoshoots and family shoots still occupy the first position in the lists. Also, as a couple you can choose to have your ‘wedding album’ in a digitalized version than a hardcopy. Also, not to forget mentioning about photo booths which have recently come into the trend and have become a very easy way of capturing candid photos by photographers. Some couples also like to add a vintage tint to their candid pictures. To film differently this could be a nice way of bringing uniqueness into the shoots. Shooting some partying and fun images, using smoke bombs, same-day edits and also teasers can be a great way to add spices to the suspense. The game is to be as creative as you can be with your clicks. So, here are some candid wedding photographer tips for amateur photographers as well as couples.

Candid photo opportunities at a wedding:
Most Indian weddings irrespective of the culture and religion involve elaborate rituals often more than two. This gives enough opportunity for a photographer to show his creativity. In addition to some customized special events, most Indian wedding includes the common ceremonies like engagement, getting-ready, haldi, mehendi, sangeet,var-yatra, engagement, reception, kanyadaan, varmala, phera, vidaai, post, andand pre wedding shoots. And we can guarantee that our ace photographers can bring life to your photos by clicking best ever candid shots of these various
wedding ceremonies.

Why Indian Candid wedding photography is different from the rest of the world?
India, being a land of diverse cultures, traditions, religious practices, and vibrant colors hosts the most diverse weddings with exuberant and colorful rituals, events, customs, traditions and extravagant cuisines. And in the heat of the emerging destination wedding concepts involving the essence of even local culture in the weddings, candid photography can never have a better platform to show its vibrancy. Wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and thus Indians tend to leave no stones unturned to glorify occasions and the moments. Many Indians like to introduce new styles, trends and traditions in the different rituals and events performed in a normal Indian wedding like some may want to tie the knot in a different style or some may want to throw a different registry party so Indian weddings are always much more
special and interesting as compared to the West. Thus wedding photojournalism indeed happens to be a very interesting business for couples and photographers alike. Candid wedding photography in India is indeed a lucrative career.

Why is candid photography wrongly interpreted in India?
In India, candid photography is often wrongly interpreted. Blur pictures are often mistaken as candid shots that cannot be considered as a true candid. This industry is slowly growing in India and not all the empty vacancies have been yet filled by candid wedding photojournalists, hence some misconceptions still remain at the basics. Hazy or improper motion pictures, incomplete or half-cut portraits also are sometimes considered as candid clicks by common people who have less knowledge about the actual facts. But experienced photographers tell otherwise. Candid clicks are fully taken clear pictures that capture the very emotions, appearances at that very moment that are fully natural to the subject.
Posed or pre-planned natural poses howsoever candid cannot be considered as candid clicks since they are planned poses.

Candid Photography Posing –is it legitimate?
Candid clicks are totally opposite to clicking intentionally posed pictures. Thus candid photoshoots can never be compared to normal photoshoots. Candid photos bring out the essence, raw emotions, and feelings of the subject that cannot be portrayed while posing intentionally infront of the camera. The moment a subject tries to pose for a candid photoshoot, the very fact that the subject knows about being captured shows that it is not a candid shot that is taking place. So, candid shoots should never be mixed up with normal pre-planned, posed photography sessions.

How to do candid wedding photography?
The first and the golden key rule for a candid photographer is to always be ready with his camera and keep a keen eye on his surroundings to spot raw emotions and actions at a wedding spot. Had a bad experience in candid wedding photography shoot? Chances are you did it the wrong way. Here’s the tips to it. Many experienced photographers also recommend changing to a mirrorless camera like Fuji that avoids catching the attention of the subject while capturing candid moments. Preferably use a longer lens and a flash-free gear to disguise your moves from the subject. These should be enough to avoid distracting the subject or catching his/ her attention. It takes patience, hard work, creativity, expertise, dedication to be in this industry. Experts suggest taking multiple shots to obtain a single perfect candid shot as it can be difficult to figure out the best candid moment in a single click. Plan and practice a lot ahead of the big day. You can take inspiration from various platforms- previous work experiences, colleagues, friends, social media, or even have a discussion with your client to check if they have any particular wish in mind. Try creating frames in your mind so that you do not take clicks from weird angles or include weird props. These are some candid wedding
photography tips. Try taking group photos, when people are conversing or walking or simply laughing. Watching out
for people engaged in some activities dedicatedly can also call for some professional candidshots as such moments often shows the inner expressions, emotions and feelings. These shots can prove to be amazing candid wedding photography images.

10 Candid style wedding photography ideas to try at your wedding
Here are some candid wedding photography poses inspirations:
1) bride/groom getting ready shots
You can take candid close-up shots when the bride and groom are being made ready for each day. You can even use your creative sense to shoot the elaborate and expensive gifts or traditional
clothes, jewelry being used in the process.

2) Close-up photos
Close up shots are a mandate for any wedding party. Close-up sessions are done mostly after getting ready or when the bridegroom is having fun chats and not involved in the ceremonies. However, you can even tell you candid photographer to take close – up shots when you are performing the rituals.

3) Dramatic entry shoots
You can tell your photographer to shoot short clips of baarati or when the two different parties enter the banquet. You can get amazing shots from this particular event – filmy ones, aesthetic ones and even Instagrammable ones. Many experienced photographers choose this to be their ground of play as this is the time where you can see an array of emotions, feelings and also enjoyment in the people’s faces.

4) Low-angle shoots Low- angle shoots are always beautiful, especially during kanyadaan ceremony or pheras.

5) Pre-wedding booze party shoots

Pre-wedding parties or bachelorette parties can be a great place for capturing fun moments and perform even pre-planned photoshoots. Bachelorette parties are the most fun that reveals childhood and even special memories that can be captured within the frame.

6) Brides’ gang and Groomsmen photoshoot
Never miss the opportunity of slipping into the gangs’ room when they are having the time of their lives. You can get to hear secret stories and even capture personal code expressions.

7) Natural laughter shoots
This is the thumb rule of candid photography and the easiest way for photographers to enhance their skills. Always look out for gatherings where people are gossiping, having fun and laughing openly. You will definitely get some million-dollar candid shots as laughter and smile brings the most genuine and natural emotions and expressions.

8) Destination shoots
Destination weddings are famous for the aesthetic and beautiful photographs associated with special destinations. Candid pictures can always be taken keeping the destination theme in mind however, you can also tell people to act naturally in different backgrounds or give natural poses
while you capture the essence of the entire place.

9) Clothes, jewelry and others
Indian weddings are famous for bridal makeup, gowns, jewelry, gifts and extravagant setup. You can take drone videos capturing the entire destination or banquet and also tell the bride or groom to pose showcasing their makeup and get-over. This happens to be unique pieces to put together Indian culture, traditions and typical weddings.

10) Ceremonial shots
Ceremonial shots are nothing new and hence there are not many tricks and tips to disclose. But ceremonial shots especially when the preparations are being made or the subjects are involved in the rituals show some beautiful instances that will remain to be a part of their lives forever. You can always find candid shots when the subjects are busy performing their activities thus shooting candid photographs at events and ceremonies are not that tough. You just have to be camera-ready.

Which are the best camera for candid wedding photography?
Candid photography invariably depends on the photographers/ videographers’ skills and no such best lens for candid wedding photography. This profession demands high photography skills, patience, passion, dedication, hard work, keen eye, creativity and swiftness. Photographers become good at taking candid photos with time and experience. However, there are some good candid wedding photography camera settings that involves large lens and aperture. Butq a mirrorless camera and a long lens often prove to be handy. Mirror less cameras are specialized in capturing pictures without drawing the attention of the subject. Our Professionals have a creative set of mind and definitely a knack for photography and the ability to observe closely or look out for precious moments. For candid style wedding photography
shots, usually a camera with a long range lens and aperture is preferred.

What are the Biggest challenges of Candid Photography in an Indian Wedding?
An amateur can get puzzled and search for ‘how to do candid photography’ or what are some of the mistakes you should keep in mind. You as a couple are expected to cooperate with the cameraman in certain areas or make your event manager to do so. So here’s some of the most common key points to remember if you want to know ‘how to shoot candid wedding photography’.
Issues with lighting – Most Indian weddings are held during nighttime in absence of natural lights elaborate lighting setups are required. Except for a handful of big fat weddings, clients usually don’t have light setups of their own or they do not hire light setups specific for photography and companies are expected to arrange those on their own.
Carelessness –Candid photography required professionals to be ready with their gear at all times. It doesn’t give any chance for a retake and if you miss a good shot or moment, it is gone forever. This task is as challenging as lucrative. The moment a person has passed onto another moment, that moment is gone, thus candid photography is a real pain in the ass as moments are always fleeting by.
Clarity is key- Clicking blur images or pressing the click button at a wrong time are futile moves.
Clarity and story-telling are important aspects of any candid picture.
Camera settings – Indian weddings are full of events, rituals and action moves and taking action shots at a low shutter speed and nighttime makes it extremely difficult for camera persons. A long range and fast lens with a small f can help solve these issues when shooting during the night. The best camera for candid wedding photography shoots are Canon and Fujifilm cameras with long range lens and aperture.
Shyness – People have different temperaments and photographers too sometimes back off the stage due to shyness seeing large crowd gatherings at weddings. But to excel at your work, you have to let go of shyness and move forward. Simply focus on your work and everything will fall into place.

In what range does candid wedding photography prices vary?
Hiring a candid photographer for a wedding can cost anywhere upto 20000-200000 INR in India depending upon the number of days of events, number of photographers required and ofcourse on the types and number of equipments used for example if you need a drone photography/videography session, it may cost upto a lac or so. Various candid wedding photography packages are available and most of them usually include all editing costs, album costs, photography crew along with all the above-mentioned requirements. Generally, a package involving drone cameras for shooting a one day ceremony costs about somewhere around one lac in India. Usually, photography costs about 10-15% of the total budget of an Indian wedding. Additional  customized requirements in the wedding album that are not included in the package cost more.

Why is candid wedding photography so costly as compared to normal or traditionalpackages?
Candid photography is difficult as compared to normal photography and requires fine skills. Also candid wedding photographers have to spend a lot of time editing the shots afterward to make them look picturesque. Wedding photography is difficult as you have to invest much effort and time in clicking candid pictures, editing them and even satisfy the bride-groom and their family and create a lively impression through your works that last throughout their lifetime. So, most photographers tend to look for normal photoshoot calls. The ones who are experienced hence charges a lot.

5 Top things to remember while booking a Candid Photographer for Wedding

1) Do good research on the latest trends If you are new to this business and want to hire a candid photographer for your lavish wedding, doing a bit of research on photography trends in recent days especially candid photographs is a
mandate. Don’t worry! You will find a plethora of photography ideas on the web, Google, Instagram, Pinterest. You can find out a list of Instagram influencers or photographers and follow them for candid wedding photography poses. Pinterest is the best site known for all kinds of new ideas and provides the most aesthetic and candid wedding photography poses. Make sure you do good research on them and find exact shots that you may want your photographer to look out for on the big day. This will make things easier for you and also for the professional. Also, do research on the general prices and packages for candid wedding photography in your area or in your wedding destination. You can also have an idea from other references about the usual prices so that you don’t get fooled by companies.

2) Ask for samples Feel free to ask for sample works professionals have done in past. This will give you an idea of what holds in store. Most professionals give a short 4-5 minute teaser and a 45 minutes film or trailers of little less duration.
You can then judge and decide if you want to hire them. If possible, list out a number of photographers whose portfolio you find impressive and discuss with multiple photographers before selecting one.

3) Experience speaks
Thoroughly search for an experienced portfolio and make wise use of references from close ones. Look for his/her professional candid photography experiences and decide whether you are looking for such clicks or something else. Discuss with the photographer about your requirements and see if he is capable of handling such shots or if he has prior experience. Make sure you clarify the services and deliverables you are searching for.

4) Budget accordingly
Did you know? Usually 10-20% of the wedding budget goes behind photography. For a big fat wedding, if you want to spend less and still get a memorable portfolio you can consider spending on a less costly candid photographer for the smaller days and save up to hire the best professional you want to work with for the more important and bigger days.

These are some of the proven ways of reducing the budget of your wedding yet have a grand and lavish celebration. Alternatively, you can also find a photographer who shoots all the weddings but within your budget. Also, some couples try to bring together the bride and groom’s sides’ photographers and shoot the entire ceremony in a much low budget.

5) Plan much ahead and make bookings early Wedding seasons put high demand for skilled photographers. So, make sure you don’t delay booking your photographer as soon as your wedding destination and date are set, especially if you are going to get married in the wedding season. It is advised you book your photography team or teams 8-9 months prior to your big day. You canplay within a safe margin but it is recommended you don’t delay more than 6 months to make prior booking arrangements.

If you want to get some ace candid wedding photographs for someone, then make sure you get in touch with some ace photographers. Our experts can make the wedding day special for everyone by capturing memories from their camera and click some captivating candid shots. We have tried to cover all the essential information regarding candid photography which can help you to differentiate and understand the difference between a true candid picture and a regular picture. The tips and information provided to you in this article will definitely prove to be helpful to you.

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