How's your head? Marty, don't be such a square. Everybody who's anybody drinks. Mom, Dad. Oh, yeah, yeah.

For Ullas and Apoorva we had the Mehndi and then followed by a small session of Couple Photoshoot at the J W Marriott Kolkata.

It was the poolside outdoor at a small terrace beside the Eastern Metropoliton Byepass Road in Kolkata, quite a pleasand weather and airy atmosphere. Ulaas is a busy man with his phone ringing at constant intervals between shots and we managed to get a few candid poses with him talking you can see.

We are, as you already know a pioneer in photojournalistic images which in common term is called Candid Photography, we never make our couple feel our presence and make them get along with each other at the most candid way possible. Photos are never powerful unless it captures your true persona and the warmth in the relation.

The had their Engagement session at the Engineers Club at the IIT Kharagpur.