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Are you planning for your engagement party? Are you looking for an out-of-the-box celebration and want to try out different things than other? Then this article will be of great use to you! This is a complete guide in planning a unique yet elegant engagement that no- one has ever planned! Just keep reading to know more. Wedding is the most auspicious part of one’s life, everyone wants each of its ceremonies to make it special and memorable. Similarly, engagement is also an event equally celebrated in all religions and regions across the world. Although, most people tend to celebrate engagement through simple parties with less number of guests, but there a number of trendy and unique ways you can throw an engagement that will remain as a memory all throughout your life. Many new trends have been introduced to make an engagement memorable one of those is “ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY”.

Check out this article for knowing everything about engagement photography and
decide how dreamy you want your engagement to be.
Engagement photography is the new trend or say, a necessity for a big and eye-
catching wedding. Specially, Indian weddings consist of many rituals and
ceremonies and every couple want their wedding to be special and memorable.
Engagement photography is usually a session in which a professional
photographer captures the photos of you and your partner/ fiancé with a natural
or artificial background and casual arrangements, it captures the real and natural
love and emotions shared by you and your partner.
Engagements are celebrated in all religions equally but it has different names like
Nichayathartham in Tamil culture, Sagai in Jain culture (which is also popular in Hindustani
families), Sagan in Punjabi tradition, Khithbah in Islamic culture. However, popular English word
for engagement is Bethrothal which is used by the Catholics. No matter what the name is, it is
an formal announcement that the two people are going to marry.

An engagement is a very beautiful moment of your life and you must want to
keep it alive forever, so the Engagement photo shoot is the best way to collect
those memories in a frame.
You may have observed that many famous wedding photographers offer many
different types of shoots before marriage. The two shoots that usually confuse
people are pre-wedding and engagement shoots. Both the shoots take place
before the real wedding day but they have completely unlike styles and motive.
Let’s know the difference between these two shoots:
Engagement photography
Engagement photos are a pleasant and special way for a couple to tell the world
about their relationship that they are going to be each other’s in few days.
Engagement photography is done on the day of a couple’s engagement and either
in the presence of guests or in the absence of guests.
Sometimes, couples even like to go to different photo shoot locations after their
engagement ceremonies are over to conduct photo shoots. Usually, couples
spend less on their engagement outfits, locations, and photography and keep the
bigger part of the budget for the wedding day.
Also, a significant difference is engagement ceremony is not held involving a huge
number of guests but only few close friends and family members. Engagement
photography is held revolving around the concept of exchange of wedding rings
between the love birds.
Pre - Wedding photography
Pre - Wedding photography involves an extensive photo shoot session even
before the engagement takes place. This is held even before the official
announcement of engagement or wedding date. Usually, no guests are involved
in this and even no family members are involved. This kind of photography is
done with a motive to capture the pre- wedding phase of the couple’s life – when

even the engagement has not been done and no guest or family/friends know
they are going to marry.

Engagement is an important part of every wedding – be it Indian or western and
involves a very important ceremony – the ring ceremony. Ring ceremony is where
the couple exchanges engagement ring between themselves and nowadays,
engagement is done in an equally lavish way in India. So every, couple want to
keep it as a memory captured in their wedding album.
Engagement photo shoots are also a great way to practise being comfortable in
front of the camera so that you do not get nervous on your wedding day. By
conducting engagement photo shoots, you can get to know your photographer
and become comfortable with him/her and vice – versa.

What is a wedding set engagement ring? Typically, a wedding
set includes engagement ring and a matching band for the couple whereas a
bridal set contains a single engagement ring and a matching band for only the
bride and not the groom.
An engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand by both the groom
and bride owing to a popular belief of Egyptian culture which states that the
blood vessel on that finger is directly connected to the heart (although this is not
true.). This keeps the two people yet-to-marry by a strong bond from their heart.
How does a Wedding Ring differ from an Engagement Ring?
An engagement ring is different from a wedding ring in the matter that
an engagement ring is exchanged at a proposal when a couple decides to get
On the other hand, a wedding ring is exchanged at the wedding ceremony itself
in front of all guests and represents the official ceremony and bond of social

marriage. Both the ring symbolizes love and commitment. An engagement ring
may not be exchanged in front of all the guests but only close friends and family.
7 Best Engagement Ring Photography ideas in India
If you are bored of the traditional engagement ring and try out a different
concept and design, you can consider the following inspirational pictures. Here
are some beautiful, elegant and classy ring ideas for an engagement:
1) Turquoise ring – You can replace popular rings made of diamond and gold that
are used as engagement rings by circular non – diamond or diamond ring with
turquoise in between. Turquoise looks very pretty when made as a ring because
of its blue shine.

2) City gold – You can also use a city gold ring if you do not want to spend in gold
ring for an engagement. City gold rings also offer various beautiful designs which
are at par with gold rings. But the cost is comparatively much lower than that of
gold. Most couple try to book gold rings for engagement as it also remains as an
asset throughout their life.

3) Pearl ring – Pearls also look beautiful as engagement rings especially when
formed into a multi layer ring with a central stone. So, you can also opt for pearl
rings but if pearl is not available you can also consider booking a synthetic pearl

4) Oval – cone shaped rings: These rings look very classy and elegant and also are
not so popularly used. So if you want a beautiful design with a high end stone that
will also look elegant, you can try out this kinds of engagement rings.

5) Crown shaped rings – You can book or order a crown formed ring for your
engagement. These are not so much popular but are elegant in their appearance.
Most people do not invest time and money in designing their engagement rings
because they invest more in their wedding ring. However, you can try to book or
order a jeweler to make this kind of a ring for you. These look very unique yet

6) Multi – layered engagement rings – You can also replace traditional single
layered rings with a simple yet classy double or triple layered ring. These kind of
rings can also be worn by the groom so you can book a pair of such rings.

7) Circular stone or flower shaped designs – This idea is not that old and is a
popular choice by many couples however you can try to incorporate some

creativity while ordering a designer ring or discuss it with the designer – they
always have some creative ideas ready!

What to wear in wedding engagement for good photography? Well, to decide
what you want to buy for your engagement day, it is important that you sort out
other factors like – theme you want, color you want, location you have chosen,
and what you feel confident in. It is always recommended that a couple wears
matching outfits that co-ordinate with their looks and also with the location.
Nowadays, you can even rent dresses for wedding engagement, so choosing an
outfit is not a difficult task today. Engagement dresses on rent are available for
both bride and groom on online as well as offline platforms. We have tried you
give a list of dress ideas for engagement shoot for both bride and groom. Hope
you will get inspiration from that:
1) Blazer or tuxedo – This is the most widely used engagement dress for boys.
Most men feel comfortable in tuxedos which also look much elegant and classy.
So this is the most preferred choice as a ring ceremony dress for man.

2) Dhoti – Designer Punjabi and dhoti are also a popular choice among men as
their engagement outfit, however, this varies from culture to culture.
3) Tshirt and casuals – Many men prefer to wear casuals while photo shoot after
the main ceremony has subsided. They feel more comfortable and easy to carry.
In contrast to the popular belief that T-shirt and casuals are not for wedding
photo shoots, casuals can actually look good in engagement photo shoots
especially when the bride is also wearing a casual outfit. So, you can definitely
give it a try if you want something on a lighter and cheaper side.
4) Gowns – Gowns can never go wrong when it comes to any kind of wedding
photo shoot – be it engagement shoot or pre-wedding photo shoot or even
wedding shoot. This is a very popular engagement dress for girls and can also be
worn on ring ceremony by brides.
5) Lehenga – This is the most used ring ceremony dress by brides on their
engagement day. You can even rent a gorgeous lehengas at much cheap rate if
you want to spend a lower budget on your engagement outfit.
Can I rent dresses for Wedding Engagement Photography in India? Yes, this has
emerged as a trend because designer lehengas or any high – end outfit costs lacs
of rupees nowadays, and what’s better if you can hire a designer outfit in just a
few thousands for a day? You can always find renting centers online and offline
but make sure you read the reviews about the fabric – whether it is comfortable
or reasonable price and other factors.

Here is a list of 5 best Indian wedding engagement photography ideas that you
can employ on your engagement day to take excellent shots:
1) Classic photography ideas –This is a more people – focused approach of
photography that captures the stories of bride, groom and close friend and
families. Classic photography includes giving solo poses, mostly depicting the
outfit, makeup, jewelry, etc. You can photo shoot on a green lawn and pose solo
to show your assets. This is the most common form of wedding engagement
2) Photo collage – You can shot some pictures and make a photo collage of them
before creating the album, for example, you can create a face by combining half

of the bride and grooms face either in a colorful picture or a black and white one.
This is a very classic type of collage widely done on engagement outfits.
3) Water photo shoots – Underwater or water photo shoots are new to this
industry and are a good way of clicking beautiful artistic pictures. You can conduct
such photo shoots in your swimming pool or a studio’s swimming pool. However,
such photo shoots are usually more pricey than traditional ones because of the
sophisticated gears used.
4) Different angled pictures – You can take low angle or drone shots from above
when the couple is walking or sharing a bouquet of flowers or exchanging their
engagement rings. Such photos become more beautiful when the bride is in a
white or colorful gown. However, Indian engagement outfits can also prove to be
an excellent one for such shot if it is taken from the correct angle.
So, make sure you discuss your ideas with your partner and photographer as well
after taking inspiration from online platforms. This will help them understand
your requirements and make it easier for them to take the shot.
5) Documentary photo shoots – This is a very good photography idea where the
bride or groom or both are posing and their friends and families are attending
them with flowers, bubbles, etc.

1) Take inspiration – Gather inspiration from social media platforms. Sit down
together and discuss any specific ideas or poses that you want to click on your
engagement day. Innovate new poses and discuss them with your partner. You
can also discuss it with your photographer and they can give better suggestions to
modify the image.
2) Choose locations – Sort out a list of good photo shoot locations for wedding
engagement and choose a handful of them keeping in mind your budget and time
that might be needed to travel. You can choose close by locations to save time.
Also, keep in mind the duration of journey since you can only go for the photo
shoot after your ceremonies and guests cannot travel to multiple locations.

3) Hire a professional photographer – This is the next most important thing to do
– remember to hire a professional photographer and not just anyone with a
degree or few good clicks in the past. A photographer can make or break your
entire picture.
4) Choose outfits – Choose matching outfits for both of you. Make sure it is
comfortable for both of you, goes with the location and also can be carried easily
to the various locations.
5) Be natural – Finally, when the photo shoot is going on, try to remain as natural
as you can. Natural shots are always the best as they bring out the emotions
behind your bond.

Underwater photography and studio photography are the ones that have
captured the top positions in the trend’s list. It is advised the couple takes
inspiration from social platform and discusses it with their partner and
photographers before the photo shoot day.
Studio shoots are comparatively easier as they provide you with almost all kinds
of background, ambiance and environment you may require – starting from water
body, mountains, villas, gardens, and what not!

Photography and posing can indeed be a difficult job to handly, especially for
someone who is not in this field. When you are performing a ceremony and
attending guests at the same time, posing can go very wrong with all those
diversions. Are you perplexed and looking for some photography or pose idea for
your engagement party? Here are the top 7 Couple Photography poses that you
can try at a Wedding Engagement party:
1) Couple photo: You can click some good couple shots in various poses –
standing and sitting, T-pose, prom poses or any other creative poses. This is the
most simple and popular engagement photography pose.

2) Showing off your ring – Click focused image of both of you showing your rings
with yourselves blurred in the background. This is another classic example of
engagement photography pose. You can also ask your photographer to take some
candid shots when the engagement ceremonies like ring ceremony and others are
taking place. This will count as a valuable picture in your album. More simply, you
can also just show off your ring in front of the camera.

3) The sky lantern pose – Shoot photos under a sky full of lanterns or pose with a
sky lantern in your engagement outfit. Alternatively, you can also play with some
fairy lights while the photographer captures the two of you. Lights bring out a
special essence in any wedding photography.

4) Close photos – You can also ask your photographer to shoot some intimate
photos when you are sharing an emotional hug or you are being kissed on your
forehead, or they are holding and looking at your face, or just simply the two of
you are laughing together. You can also try walking towards the camera holding
his/her hands and laugh naturally or look at each other. Alternatively, you can try
walking away from the camera and turn half way to look at the photographer.
These are some graceful and romantic engagement photo ideas.

5) Mehendi – As the bride, you can also show off your mehendi or both – your
mehendi and engagement ring by full or half covered face. You can also d o the
same with a smiling face. These will count as some excellent wedding
engagement shots in your album.
6) Funny poses – You can also try some funny couple poses showing your
engagement ring like those below:
7) Save – the – date poses – You can announce your big day by holding a placard
engraved with the date, time, destination, and dress code (if any). Many couples
tend to go for save – the – date photo poses on their engagement day to
announce their wedding day to their realtives and friends.
E-cards or electronic wedding engagement cards are among the latest
innovations in Wedding Engagement Invitation. Many free platforms are there
like Canvera, Canva, Evitethat allows you to create free save-the-date cards to
announce your engagement day to friends and family.
Most of these platforms do not charge anything and also contains similar
templates that can help you innovate your own ideas and input them into your
card. You can add a personalized touch to your wedding invitation card with
photos from your pre – wedding shoots.

These e-cards for wedding engagement can then be sent across social platforms
like email or on your social media wall to announce the date of your engagement.
Similar services are also there for announcing wedding date to friends and family.
Bored of the traditional wedding invitation card ideas? Here’s some new and
fantastic ideas that you can try for your engagement party:
Go as creative as you can think, you can also combine multiple ideas to innovate
your wedding engagement invitation card.
1) Lift – the – flap card – You can replace separate pamphlets that are usually
used to convey event details by little flaps in the main card itself, which the guests
can lift to see the details of your engagement party.

2) Postcard invitation - This one is indeed a unique idea for wedding engagement
invitation that is not used so widely but can add a class to your invitation. You can
try creating postcards with cute designs, binary or antique fonts. You can play
with colors, go creative and stamp designs specific to your wedding to convey the
details of your engagement day. If you are having a destination engagement, you
can also add beautiful pictures of the destination in the background of the
postcard or on the postcard envelope.

3) Pop up card – You can also print poop up cards customized with your required
designs and as a guest opens the card, a pop – up window will automatically
convey the event details to them.

4) Playing cards – You can send a bunch of colorful and artistic playing cards (like
solitaire cards) with the details engraved on them. This is a very unique and
interesting wedding engagement invitation idea.

5) Artistic or modern thematic cards –Try out different themes based on colors,
destination or just any random theme and design your invitation card based on
that theme that contains inscribed information about your event details.
Looking for the Top 5 Engagement Photography Album choices in India? Here’s a
list of choices that you can consider, most of these delivers albums at your
doorstep and the entire album creation process is super easy and online.

1) Canvera - Canvera’s designs have set a benchmark in the wedding and album
making industry without any competitor. Their album designers take personalized
inputs from you, design album accordingly and shares it with you at every stage
and makes necessary changes according to your requirements, prints your album
on your approval anddelivers it to your doorsteps. The entire photo submission
and reviewing is super simple and online that keeps away clients from all hassles.
2) Fujifilm –This is a very popular photographic film making company and a
pioneer in this field since 1934. They turn any picture into colourful memories
that remains forever. Their service is similar to that of Canvera.
3) Kodak - Kodak delivers designed albums with lay flat binding and sometime
presentation boxes for protection. You can even customize album cover with your
preferred image. They build strongalbums are scratch proof, smudge proof and
water resistant, some of which are also available in matte finish. They also have
online services like sharing an online digital copy of every premium photo book
that can be shared on online platforms.
4) Zoomin – Zoomin is also an excellent choice in wedding album printing. They
are a Mumbai based company that provides similar services like Canvera, Fujifilm,
and Kodak in addition to personalized gift sets, collages, etc.
5) Candidshutters – Another convincing provider is Candidshutters with similar
services in the wedding photography field. They also deliver photo albums swiftly
to your doorstep.
Now, let’s have a look at the 5 Bestsoftware for Wedding Engagement Album
1) Pixellu SmartAlbums – Pixellu SmartAlbums efficiently allows you to manage
your time and finish creating digital albums within just few hours. Album making
can be quite daunting thanks to their digitalized platform that is easy to use
backed by strong customer support, creating engagement albums are no longer a
2) Foundy –Foundy is another popular platform for creating albums. It is quick
and super easy to use and design an album. You can show the preview of an
album to your client that they will instantly fall in love with!

3) LumaPix Fotofusion – LumaPix Fotofusion is probably the best of all softwares
out there. They have an array of services under one roof - Shootq for studio
management, Pictage for online proofing and marketing, Showit Web for
slideshow creation, Lightroom for post production, and WordPress for blog
content management. They help in creating promising albums online using
sophisticated tools that may not require any studies too.
4) Design ‘N’ Buy - They offer personalized photo albums including printing. This is
a unique platformthat allows customers either to create their own personalized
albums or to use preset online templates.
5) Fizara - Provides over 400+ background ideas, 500+ templates & 1200+
graphics to choose from & create a customized wedding album. It is available for
both Windows & iOS users.

By hiring a photographer, you don’t really pay for the cost of delivering the photo
album - you pay for the quality, time and labor – you pay for the artist’s talent.
You pay for superpowers and magic that brings out the best shot in your album.
THE EQUIPMENT - Furthermore, when you are hiring a photographer, you also
pay them based on how expensive their camera is and which kind of gears you
require them to use in your photo shoots. In fact, most photographers also keep
additional back-up cameras in case any equipment misbehaves in middle of the
LABOUR – Most Indian or Asian engagement photography requires about 3-10
hours of shoot. For creating just one wedding album, a photographer has to work
thrice as hard for editing the pictures


When it comes to India, charges for engagement photography ranges between
Rs.15,000 per session with one Photographer to over 1 lac for a crew of
traditional photographers, Candid Photographers, Videographers etc. However, it
also depends on the gears you choose, the experience and the package you
choose. Most packages include cost of photography, videography, wedding
album, and some other costs.
Cost of these packages depend upon the number of days (or hours in case of
engagement photography) and photographers you choose, equipments (drones
or normal) and the type of photography (traditional or candid or videography).
Make sure you do ample of research before you select a photography team, as
packages vary from city to city within India.

We have tried to include all the latest trends in engagement photo shoot and
ideas that you can implement on your engagement. Hope this article inspires you
to use new ideas for your engagement day.

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