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Terms & Conditions ( Applicable on Weddings & other Domestic Events)

Booking & Payment Structure  ** :

  • Booking terms : Booking Advance 50% and rest to be paid after the event. Edit will start only after payment is completed in full and final.


  • UPI Payments : PAYTM / GOOGLE PAY / AMAZON PAY -  9732532850


  • Cash Payments : Cash to be deposited by you to our bank account, we can not collect cash from you in person.

Service and Delivery Process (Steps) :

  1. Booking Advance paid and date booked with us. Invoice and email confirmation sent.

  2. Whatsapp Group created with PIXIPfoto, Groom, Bride etc

  3. Wedding and other ceremony Photography/Videography done by team.

  4. Final Payment done. Payment confirmation email sent along with invoice.

  5. Edit Process resumes.

  6. Video edit instructions received and confirmed with the editor.

  7. Still Photos delivered online for selection for the album, selection instructions given over whatsapp.

  8. Album design layout shared, and confirmed by you.

  9. Video edit confirmed.

  10. Album printed and delivered directly at your address.

  11. Edited Video shared online.

  12. Video and High-Resolution Photos delivered via Google Drive link.

Please Note (Terms in General):

  • We are Professional Photographers and Videographers you have bestowed your trust upon, but you are required to ensure the professionals are given priority and scope to do the smooth operation in coverage. You will ensure, any guests or relatives or professionals from the other side don't hinder our work process.

  • You are requested to inform other professionals like the Priest, or Makeup-Artist to provide assistance to the Photographers in working together so that we could get enough scope to create memories of the day.

  • You are requested to provide the professionals with food and refreshments if the event duration exceeds 3 hours a day. Photographers/Videographers would be unable to leave the spot for food during the event.

  • Make-up shot : Please inform your Make-up artist about the Getting ready shoot to be done by us. Some make-up artists do not allow or co-operate during the process which may create unnecessary issues.

  • LIVE STREAMING (Optional): Customers need to provide high speed internet connection for live streaming of events.

  • Power Usage : We will require working power outlets at close proximity of the activity locations and a minimum 0f 2000-3000 watts of power should be available for the lights and other electronics. Please confirm the power circuit is earthed/grounded properly. Improper electricity may hamper smooth running of us.

  • Kindly inform the professionals of any specific guests or matter of interest to be covered specifically. We can't assume any such particular importance unless otherwise informed. Ex: Any guest who doesn't want to be photographed, should be informed earlier.

  • You grant permission to photograph your event and guests as a whole. We also shoot moments incognito to get the real candid picture, we make sure no guests of yours would get annoyed by this.

  • We reserve the right to use Photos and Videos for the promotional purpose on our Website/App or partner website/Apps as per 'Indian Copyright Act. 1957'. However, we can't sell the images or videos to any third party for any commercial gain.

  • RAW FILES : We do not provide clients with Raw Files of Photo or Video. Only in special cases if we do, you need to provide HDD and arrange to collect the files from our office in Kolkata.

  • Payment & Edit Pipeline : Edit will only start once final payment is done. Customers are required to complete the payment immediately after the event for us to enable them to start the editing process. Each and every event will get edited as per the payment release date pipeline and delivered accordingly.

  • Whatsapp Groups are created to discuss anything about Photography and Cinematography service and Edit separately. Please try to respond at the earliest possible on any update so that we could work faster. Please avoid adding unnecessary friends or relatives in the groups to keep the discussion simple and effective.

  • Delivery Timeline : In general Still Photographs (sorted & Edited digital files) takes about 3-4 weeks time and Cinematography edit takes about 7-8 weeks (after edit instructions from the client). However, Nov-Dec weddings happen back to back with sometimes we traveling all month out of the city. Such unavoidable cases, the edit may get delayed for about a few weeks, but you will be duly intimated for such cases well in advance. 

  • Please remember, we have a very good feedback history from our past clients, we never do unnecessary delays. Photography is considered visual artwork and we make sure your job gets proper attention before being delivered.

  • Album layouts : Western Design Layouts are designed only in Western-style using smart albums 2 software. Unlimited number of changes. Design Time 3-5 Days. Samples design : 

  • You need to complete the second payment in full and final to start the edit process.

  • Please notify any changes in schedule/timing of events at least 48 hours before to enable us smooth coverage of events.

  • We do not refund the booking advance under any condition. We incur expenses for your events, and once it gets canceled, professionals are to be compensated anyway.

  • Your Package costs do not include any logistics cost involved during the events, unless mentioned otherwise.

  • All expenses (Travel, Stay, Food) incurred for events out of Kolkata will be extra and will be added to the package at the time of final settlement of dues.

  • When there is a gap between events (ex: engagement and Weddings), booking to be done separately for each event or all deliverables will only be given after final payment.

  • We plan our team and the exact Cameras to be deployed for the Projects only 15 days prior to the photoshoot. We confirm to you that only professional Cameras, Lenses and accessories are used by the team. 

  • Drones (Optional) :As per latest DGCA regulations, Drone (Optional) use is not permitted without permission from Local Authorities, we request you to obtain the same beforehand. Unless written permission is obtained, we may not be able to use a drone at the venue.

  •  Album layouts : Indian Design Layouts  are designed in Adobe Photoshop. Maximum 2 Redesign request accepted, beyond that redesign cost Rs 100 per sheet applicable. Editor will confirm the design style/pattern before design. Design Time 15-20 Days. Sample :

  • Album layouts : Indo-Western Design Layouts are done partially in PIXELLU and Partially in Adobe Photoshop. Design Time 10-15 Days. Sample :


  • Video Edit : You are required to specify any choice of music or songs for the video. If no choice is given we reserve the right to apply the music we feel best suited for the event background score. Background music cannot be changed under any circumstances, please make sure you provide us with your list of music choices. The editor will try best to use maximum possible music from your choice. 

  • Video Edit instructions will be taken prior to editing. Choice of music etc to be specified with specific links if possible. The editor reserves the right to use any version of the same music unless otherwise specified by the client.

  • Video Edit :  In case copyrighted content or music is used to prepare the video, it is the responsibility of the client if any issues with copyright violation arise due to the use of the copyrighted music or content. Please clarify with the editor about this prior to the edit. PIXIPfoto or any of its partner/Employee could not be held responsible for any such legal issue.

  • Changes (if any) on Album design or Video to be notified within 7 days and after that, it will be considered as final.


We have tried to specify every single detail relevant to your requirement and our service. In case you have any further query, please reply to this email. 


For immediate response and a quick chat, please call or WhatsApp on 9732532850

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